Sylvicultural systems and treatments for tolerant hardwoods of New Brunswick – Volume III

The Northern Hardwoods Research Institute (NHRI) retained the services of CERFO to draft this section on silvicultural systems and treatments. as part of the “A Silvicultural Guide for the Hardwoods of New Brunswick”. The following is a translated and slightly edited version of the original report.

Volume III of the Silvicultural Guide focuses on the three main high-forest systems: regular high-forest system, characterized by a short period of regeneration; irregular high-forest system, with a long period of regeneration; selection high-forest system, with a continuous period of regeneration (Figure 1). We will first present the regeneration methods for each of the three high-forest systems (Figure 2), followed by specific sections on commercial thinning and remidial cuts. Finally, a final section summarizes silvicultural diagnosis to issue prescriptions based on a rigorous problem-solving approach.